I need you!

Run out of fuel. Those are the perfect words to explain what’s going on with libr.in. Several months ago I started a great personal project, with lot of illusion, energies and hopes. Today this project is really advanced, but only in the programming part, almost with the 72% of the job done.

But I have a problem with the design, and why?, easy, because I’m not a designer, and I like it so much that I can’t copy create a design that fits my expectations. So I would like to share this project with someone who wants to make it a great and funny job.

What can I offer?

No money, it will be an open source project when it is ready, so if you look for that, don’t continue reading. I can offer the half of the project, fun time working with someone peculiar, create a useful web tool, …

Are there any conditions?

No, there aren’t. However my spoken languages are english and spanish. And I would like to release the project before end of May (I’m a dreamer), so if you are busy the next two months…

This is not a hiring process, or something similar, there won’t be money (it has to be clear), I just want to share something I really love and make it real. Actually, I’m asking for help :) . If you want to know more about libr.in write an email to tengoun@libr.in.

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