Five years at Vizzuality

There is no a better moment to start again with my blog, celebrating my fifth anniversary at Vizzuality. After my first years in this wadusfera I can only say thanks to the team and the people who have worked here.

I could say we have done things (some we can’t mention) that we are proud. Lot of projects, with great companies, things that mattered. But this adventure hasn’t finished and we are ready for new opportunities, and this year is gonna be special.

I usually like to remember that we were 5 years ago working in a small room in La Latina, tons of dreams, and today I keep them present. If someone asks me about my future, I’d say the same as before. Keeping the feeling what I do is important.

My gift for this birthday is a small audio player12, using @luisico’s sounds playing FIFA :D. If you know him, you will know how expressive he is.

Thanks to all the team for the recordings, to @ferdev for splitting the audio files into separate tracks and finally to @damagedgoods for designing something for this purpose :).

So, I hope I finish my website soon, and later a visualization I’ve been developing lately. Writing a post every two weeks, … Let’s see if it is possible.

New year, new purposes.

1 My favorite luisico sound is this.
2 Sorry, only HTML5 browsers, problems under iOS :(.

CartoDB ♥ Idealista

Everybody has looked for a house at some point in their lives, and it’s not an easy job. Some months ago was my turn, and I dove into one of the most important real estate portals in Spain called Idealista. Really simple and easy to find a house or flat that fits for you. But (there is always a but) I realized they don’t use any kind of maps to represent the districts and neighborhoods, in fact, they use map images.

Thanks to this I decided to do an alternative using CartoDB and Leaflet. Just a simple interactive example of Madrid districts and neighborhoods.

You can visit the example here. The code, as always, is in GitHub, and the data is available in this CartoDB table (amount on sale or rent houses are bogus).

UPDATED: Thanks for the corrections @javier :).

After some years, it’s time to recap…

I started in Vizzuality several years ago and after some projects done, lot of friends made and many hours worked, it’s time to recap and look back to understand what we have achieved.

I’ve simply followed copied the Facebook timeline trend to visualize some of the most important days in this group of friends (still adding days, not finished!).

I’ve used CartoDB as backend, the code is in GitHub and you can see it here.

Thank all the vizz crew for put up with me everyday, and also, thanks to all the people who helped us and now they aren’t here, my best wishes in their new adventures.

I need you!

Run out of fuel. Those are the perfect words to explain what’s going on with Several months ago I started a great personal project, with lot of illusion, energies and hopes. Today this project is really advanced, but only in the programming part, almost with the 72% of the job done.

But I have a problem with the design, and why?, easy, because I’m not a designer, and I like it so much that I can’t copy create a design that fits my expectations. So I would like to share this project with someone who wants to make it a great and funny job.

What can I offer?

No money, it will be an open source project when it is ready, so if you look for that, don’t continue reading. I can offer the half of the project, fun time working with someone peculiar, create a useful web tool, …

Are there any conditions?

No, there aren’t. However my spoken languages are english and spanish. And I would like to release the project before end of May (I’m a dreamer), so if you are busy the next two months…

This is not a hiring process, or something similar, there won’t be money (it has to be clear), I just want to share something I really love and make it real. Actually, I’m asking for help :) . If you want to know more about write an email to

If you find this post via twitter, please RT :). Thanks!